Our Menu


1 The Big Cheese                                                                                           

Mersey Valley cheddar, Tasty cheese & Frank’s cheese of the week on Sourdough dusted w smoked salt

2 The Ham

Virginian Ham, Tasty cheese, Mersey Valley cheddar, fresh tomato slices & Em’s Relish on buttery Sourdough

3 The Plant-Based

Roast pumpkin slices, almond dust, salsa verde, truffle oil, vegan mayo, fresh rocket on multigrain sourdough

4 The Special

Juicy smoked Pulled Pork, BBQ Sauce, fresh slaw & aioli on thick brioche slices w DD’s pickles

5 The Kiddo

Mini Tasty cheese or mini tasty cheese & ham on Sourdough


Milk Coffee | Black Coffee | Filter Coffee | Nitro Coffee | Ice Coffee

Shakes  chocolate / strawberry / caramel / vanilla

ICED  coffee/ mocha / chocolate
Spiders  Coke/ Sprite / Fanta

Soda  Coke / Coke no sugar / Sprite / Fanta / lightly sparkling

Donuts, Canolli, Pastrie and more!